Why You Should go on a Cruise at Least Once in Your Life

31 August 2022 Posted by: Lake Lawn B&B Travel Tips

Why go on a cruise?

For those who enjoy a vacation that incorporates a little (or a lot) of adventure, a cruise might not seem like the perfect choice.

However, cruises offer a unique form of travel, and one that can be jam-packed full of adventure and memorable stories.

Unlike most other vacations, cruising allows you to take a journey through some sensational areas, where your trip becomes all about the traveling.

In this article I, therefore, want to show you why taking a cruise can be a great way to travel, even if you thought it wouldn’t be something for you.

Why Go on a Cruise

1. Cruises Offer Unique Journeys

Visiting unique places on a cruise
Cruises can take you to incredible places

As you travel from place to place on a cruise, you’ll see a whole host of things that other everyday tourists aren’t seeing.

While you’re sat on the top deck, you’ll be surrounded by a vast ocean and stunning nature, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for jaw-dropping vistas and breathtaking wildlife.

Cruises also take you to some of the world’s most fascinating places. Whether it’s the Indian Ocean, South America, Africa, the Norwegian Fjords, Caribbean, Mediterranean or perhaps even a cruise around the world.

With websites such as Cruisedirect offering so many cruise vacation packages for you to choose from – you’re definitely going to find more adventure than if you head to just one destination.

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2. Cruises Offer Fabulous Shore Excursions

shore excursions on a cruise in the Caribbean
On a boat on the way to a shore excursion in St Maarten

Not only do you get to venture far and wide on a cruise, but you also get to hop off the boat and explore inland areas.

As your cruise ship anchors up at a port, you’ll be given the opportunity to go on excursions that take you around the local area.

A lot of cruise providers offer organized excursions. But if you’d prefer, you can arrange your own day trips so you can see all the sights you’ve got on your to-do list.

To get the most out of these excursions, my advice is to do a little extra planning before you set off on your cruise. That way, you’ll get to see everything you want to, perhaps even partaking in an adventure activity while you’re at it!

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3. A Cruise is Great For Meeting New People

go on a cruise to meet people and discover new places
A cruise ship in Venice, Italy – why take a cruise

Another good reason to go on a cruise is the fact you can meet and socialize with new people while you’re on board the cruise ship.

With so many people sharing the same experience, you’re bound to meet like-minded people.

It’s a great way to meet people you would probably never have come across in everyday life, and many leave the cruise ship having made friends for life!

4. There is So Much to Do on a Cruise

cruise deck with slides
Why should I go on a cruise?

From fabulous dining and large swimming pools to onboard cinemas, climbing walls and much more!

If you like to go on a cruise that offers a lot of entertainment, do check what exactly they offer before you book though. There is such a wide range of cruise ships these days and the level (and quality) of facilities and entertainment onboard really varies per ship!

Whether you prefer a large cruise ship with casinos, slides, and entertainment for all ages or a smaller, more intimate luxury cruise, the choice is almost endless these days!

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Go on a Cruise at Least Once!

A cruise in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
A cruise ship in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Even though cruises are often deemed lazy vacations where all you do is soak up the sun, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cruises are actually about exploring areas of the world you haven’t visited before, experiencing new cultures, sailing across the ocean and meeting new people. And I think these are the perfect ingredients for a memorable adventure.

Tip: if you are looking for a cruise, check out Cruisedirect.com

, which is one of the largest online booking platforms for cruises.

I hope this article has shown you why going on a cruise can be a great option for your next vacation!

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