Travel Snobs Are So Arrogant

1 November 2021 Posted by: Lake Lawn B&B Travel Tips

The other day we met a guy at an event who actually had the nerve to say, “Ask me how many countries I’ve been to, because I guarantee it’s more than you.”

He then went on to tell us that he will show us his passport stamps later if we want to see them and that he has just flown his 1000th flight on an airplane.

He is what I would call one of those arrogant travel snobs.

Travel Snobs, who needs them

Just because you stepped foot on a few more chunks of earth than everyone else doesn’t make you special. It simply makes you someone who travels a lot.

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Travel Snobs are Unacceptable

Can you imagine someone else showing off their accomplishments so blatantly?

I was thinking about other scenarios where this could have happened.

Imagine if someone said “Ask me how high my marks were in school because I guarantee mine were better than yours!”

What if someone else said “Ask me how much money I make because I know I make more than you.”

Nobody in their right mind would say something like that. And yet some travellers feel that they have the right to brag about everything they do.

Life Experiences VS Travel Check List

arrogant travel snobs pyramids of giza

We feel that life experience and an active and happy lifestyle makes your time on earth rich.

Not a tally of what you’ve seen and where you’ve been. It’s how meaningful that moment was when you saw it.

Who were you with and how were you feeling? Were you happy?

Our friends and family haven’t been to as many countries as us, but they have very successful lives.

They have amazing careers and have raised beautiful families, they keep active and healthy and do cool hobbies and a have a supportive circle of friends.

We have friends who save lives and protect the community.

We have friends who volunteer and help people and others who entertain and make people laugh. They have great lives.

Life is not a competition.

People can have just as beautiful experiences at home that they can traveling abroad. It’s about balance.

Travel is beautiful, but being grounded is also beautiful.

Having a home is beautiful and enjoying your career is beautiful. Being in love is beautiful and having a good laugh is beautiful. Dammit, Life is Beautiful.

canoes canada

Dave and I choose to travel because it’s always been our dream to work together.

Travel was simply the catalyst that made that happen. Over the years, as we travelled to more and more places, we realized that we loved spending 24/7 together.

We loved exploring new places and challenging ourselves. It was travel that helped us create a richer life at home and strengthened our relationship and we are thankful for that, but other people may have been inspired by something else in their lives.

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Our goal in life wasn’t to hit a hundred countries, it was to be able to live as rich of a life as possible and to find happiness and fulfillment.

That’s what life is about to us. Pursuing Happiness. I say ‘pursuing happiness’ because I think that happiness is difficult to achieve, but it is something that is worth working at.

Life will always have ups and downs and there will always be challenges and difficulties.

But the best way to find happiness is to stop judging others, have an open mind and listen and learn from people. That’s what works for us.

Just because you stepped foot on a few more chunks of earth than everyone else doesn’t make you special. It simply makes you someone who travels a lot.

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