The Best Gifts for Digital Nomads

18 July 2022 Posted by: Lake Lawn B&B Travel Tips

What Is the Best Gift for a Digital Nomad?

It can be hard to find the right present for a digital nomad, I know.

Should it be electronics, or something that will bring them the comforts of home? What if they already have that? What if it’s too heavy for them to carry?

I have been a digital nomad for more than 10 years now and I know how much my friends and family struggle to find me a gift. So, I thought I’d create a list of gifts for digital nomads.

From experiences to electronics, there is a little something on this list for everyone – so you can make sure that you are giving the perfect nomad gift!

10 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads

1. A Drone: DJI Mini 2

A drone, one of the best gifts for digital nomads
One of the best gifts for digital nomads – Picture by Florian Fuchs

One of the best parts of travel is getting to see new and amazing places.

The ultimate in landscape photography is using a drone to capture the full scale and majesty of any place – and this drone is sure to be the best gift for a nomad!

If you are really stumped as to what to get for a digital nomad, this should be at the very top of your list.

Highly rated as the most bang-for-your-buck, this drone folds smaller than your hand for ease-of-packing, shoots great video with image stabilization, and great photos.

I have the DJI mini myself and love it! It’s small and light enough to easily fit into my luggage and it helps me document the places I travel to from a different perspective.

You can find this drone here on Amazon

2. A Solar Power Bank: BigBlue 28W Solar Panel with 3 USB Ports

gifts for nomads: a solar power bank

This is an ideal gift for anyone who travels to areas with an unreliable energy grid – so it’s a perfect gift for nomads!

The freedom to be able to charge your electronics no matter where you are is something I, and pretty much any digital nomad I know, really values.

A little sad but true, one of my worst fears is to arrive to a new city, need Google maps to navigate, and then my phone dies just as I am completely lost… That’s a main reason for me to always carry a power bank!

This power bank is one of the highest-rated solar chargers, vetted by sites such as thewirecutter and outdoorgearlab as being sturdy, reliable, and powerful.

You can find this power bank here on Amazon

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3. A World Adapter: Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

gift ideas for nomads: a world adapter

Cute and ultra-functional, this colorful 4-plug adapter allows connection in a whopping 150 countries.

There is nothing worse than arriving, tired, at your destination and realizing that you can’t plug in! This is great for the newbie nomad or the experienced one that likes to have form and function with their tools.

You can find this world adapter here on Amazon

4. Give an experience: Tinggly

best gift ideas for digital nomads: Tinggly

The problem with buying gifts for digital nomads is that they often want to travel as light as possible.

What can you give the person who has planned their bag down to the last ounce? Easy! Give them an experience.

With Tinggly, you choose the type of box – for him, her or a couple, luxurious or adventurous (and more!) – and buy it for your nomad.

The boxes contain the choice of one of over 500 experiences in over 100 countries. Your nomad picks the one they want, and then they have five years to get themselves to their experience!

From a cooking class in Valencia to a luxury resort stay in the Maldives and many other unique experiences all over the world.

It’s an ideal setup that allows you to give them the experience of a lifetime without having to guess what they would like to do or where they will be next.

Many people say that an experience is a much better gift than an object, and Tinggly is sure to be a hit.

Go to for more information

5. Make a Donation: CharityWatch

best gift ideas for digital nomads: make a donation

Many people want to pay their good fortune forward and give to charities.

One way to let your loved ones know that you care, both about them and the world, is to give a donation in their name.

Foundations like help you find charities that are doing the most good with the donations they receive, so you can rest assured that your donation is going to help people in need.

Pick a cause that you know your nomad cares deeply about – from elephant sanctuaries in Thailand to housing the homeless in California, and give support in their name.

6. A Camera Lens Kit: Camkix Universal 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

a camera lens kit as a gift idea

For the nomad who loves photography but doesn’t like the cost and weight of a professional camera, this 5-in-1 camera lens kit is a perfect gift.

Simple, interchangeable lenses allow your nomad to really kick up their photography without a bunch of expensive, heavy equipment.

The lenses work on smartphones, tablets, and even on laptops. And the smart and durable case that comes with the lenses will help them keep organized, too!

You can find this camera lens kit here on Amazon

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7. A Laptop Sleeve: Tomantek Sleeve

cheap digital nomad gift idea: a laptop sleeve

This water-resistant and shock-proof laptop sleeve is an ideal gift for a digital nomad – because their computer is their lifeline!

For work and for keeping up with friends and family, if their computer gets damaged, things will get difficult very quickly!

This case is an inexpensive gift that is functional – and they’ll think of you every time they sit down to get to work.

You can find this laptop sleeve here on Amazon

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8. Noise Canceling Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones

perfect gift for digital nomads: noise canceling headphones

These are one of the top-rated noise-canceling headphones, recommended by experts and experienced travelers alike.

Flights with unhappy children, working in noisy cafes across the world and trying to sleep in hostels… life can be quite noisy for a digital nomad.

Give the gift of silence with these beautiful and functional headphones. With wireless capabilities and a warranty from Bose, these are a buy-once keep-forever item.

You can find these noise-canceling headphones here on Amazon

9. A Fun Travel Journal: I was here

fun gift idea for digital nomads: a travel journey

This cute travel journal helps travelers stay present and explore more through cute prompts, activities, and suggestions!

From meeting locals and asking for hand-drawn maps to local favorite places or collections of exotic and interesting toiletries; this journal helps even the most experienced digital nomad to rediscover the everyday magic of new places.

You can find this travel journal here on Amazon

10. A Travel Pillow: Trtl Pillow

a practical gift idea for nomads: a neck pillow

This neck pillow changes the game – and is a must-have item for any traveler!

With a soft outside and sturdy inside, it stops heads from jerking around in sleep, keeping the neck in an ergonomic position throughout flights.

Give the gift of comfort, and the ability to sleep on those long-haul flights around the world!

You can find this travel pillow here on Amazon

I hope this list of gift ideas for digital nomads has given you some inspiration!


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