5 Good Reasons to Consider Flying First Class or Business Class

23 August 2022 Posted by: Lake Lawn B&B Travel Tips

Is flying first class worth it?

Since the start of the pandemic, flying first class has seemed more appealing than ever. You have more space and access to first class lounges, making social distancing a lot easier.

But there are more reasons to consider flying first or business class.

Have you seen people walking carelessly through security, while you are waiting in a line a mile long?

Have you noticed them passing through the frosted glass doors to exclusive lounges, while you are trying to find a place to sit in the crowded departure area? And have you seen them sipping on a cocktail, while you are carrying hand luggage to the back of the plane?

Yes, flying first class has its benefits, but are these perks worth the money?

In some cases they are, especially if you appreciate a more comfortable, pleasant way of traveling. And since most airlines have started charging additional fees for anything from luggage to a bottle of water, not being presented with these charges feels like a relief!

The price of first class and business class air tickets has fallen in recent years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Besides, first class flights don’t have to be expensive if you do some research.

You’ll see that you can often upgrade the class of your flight for only US$ 100 or US$ 200 or occasionally even for free! And if your airline will make you pay for your luggage and for extra legroom, a first class flight will start to feel even more accessible.

If you’re not sure if flying first class is worth it, consider these five benefits you get when flying first class or business class.

Why Fly First Class or Business Class

1. Less Stress

why fly first or business class: less stress
Picture by Matthew Hurst – benefits of first class

If long lines for security checks and crowds of passengers waiting to board the flight annoy you, a first class flight will be an enjoyable escape from the stress and inconvenience of air travel.

The check in is faster with priority screening at many airports and priority boarding at the gate.

Lately I have been flying low cost carriers a lot. And because they charge for check-in luggage everyone now brings as much as they possibly can as hand luggage. Consequently, I am now waiting to board the plane, getting more and more stressed about whether or not there will still be space left in the overhead bins for my luggage by the time I finally get onto the plane. Because I’ll admit it, I too try to bring as much as I can as hand luggage and there is no way I can fit that underneath the seat in front of me…

Can you imagine not having that stress? You stroll from your comfortable airport lounge, where you just had a refreshing drink and a free snack, to the gate. You then don’t have to wait in line to board but simply go through priority boarding, get to your comfortable seat with more than enough space to fit whatever hand luggage you might have chosen to bring!

2. Don’t Arrive at Your Destination Exhausted

why fly first or business class: arrive less exhausted

On a two hour flight this doesn’t make much of a difference, but if you, like me, often travel halfway across the world you know exactly how it feels to arrive at your destination absolutely exhausted.

Instead of being crammed into a small seat with very little legroom and a neighbor who is hogging the entire armrest you now have space to relax. And to sleep.

Your seat doesn’t recline just a tiny bit, it practically turns into a bed! I thankfully fall asleep quite easily but I still never manage to get enough sleep on an overnight flight in economy class and I definitely never leave the plane well-rested.

My body normally aches, I am dehydrated and all I really want is to go to bed. So yes, especially on a long-haul flight having a comfortable seat with better pillows and a nice blanket plus an attentive stewardess catering to your every need really does make a difference!

Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, flying first class will get you to your destination feeling much more rested.

3. Free Food and Drinks!

why fly first class or business class
Picture by Andy Mitchell – perks of flying first class

Ok, nobody will say “I chose to fly first class because it gets me free food and drinks”. But isn’t it a nice extra?

I am still not used to having to pull out my credit card if I want a drink or a snack during a flight, but it seems to be the norm these days in economy class.

So, it’s a nice change to sit in first class and be free to order whatever you want!

Now of course that’s no excuse to go overboard on the cocktails but what the heck, you are spoiling yourself by flying first class so don’t forget to enjoy the freebies! 😉

4. Opportunity to Work

why fly first class: opportunity to work
picture by Pyonko Omeyama

It depends on your reasons for traveling but having the opportunity to work comfortably can be very valuable for certain travelers. And that includes me.

I travel so often that losing 10 hours or more on a flight becomes very inconvenient.

With plenty of space, power outlets, and often free wifi, getting some work done or even planning a meeting while on a flight all of a sudden becomes very easy.

5. Network Opportunities

why consider flying first class or business class: networking

For business travelers, a flight can turn into a great opportunity to develop their business network.

As a first class or business class passenger, you will often find yourself surrounded by successful business people and can end up having some very interesting conversations.

According to Virgin Atlantic, 1 of 5 travelers becomes business partners with someone they have met on board a flight.

Good Reasons For Flying First Class or Business Class

Now of course, most of us can’t afford to fly first class or business class all the time.

But next time you are looking to book a special trip, do look into it. You might just want to splurge and you might find out it’s not as expensive as you thought to fly first class or business class!

Or, if you are looking for a cheap flight somewhere, check out my article 10 Tips For Finding the Cheapest Flights

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