17 Signs You Travel A Lot

4 November 2021 Posted by: Lake Lawn B&B Travel Tips

Dave and I have been running a travel blog a long time now and we travel a lot. Sometimes too much!

The other night while huddled in a tent on the shores of the Mediterranean, we talked about how life has changed a lot through our years of travel.

Camping on the Mediterranean

We are actually more comfortable with the strange things that occur when traveling than we are at home trying to be a part of regular society.

We realized that life is different when you travel a lot. We’re a little bit weird but lucky for us, we like each other, just the way we are. (Yes, I’m referencing Bridgette Jones) When you’re a couple, that’s a good thing.

This list was easier to come up with than you would think. We had so many ideas pop into our head all night long and could have made 100 reasons and signs you travel a lot.

But we decided that nobody would want to read a list of 100 signs, so we whittled it down to a mere 17. Enjoy!

Signs you Travel A lot

travel a lot dave deb
105 Countries, 10 years

You Know you Travel A Lot When…

1 – You feel the need to entertain your guide for fear that he’ll get bored.

2 – You Have Money in your pocket and you don’t know what country it’s from.

3 – Your first aid kit is made up of drugs from every country but your own and you have no idea what each pill does or what they’re for.

4 – You actually start to use those bidets in Europe.

5 – Your passport resembles the thickness of War and Peace.

6- You stop buying souvenirs from each country you visit, not because your are too cool, but because you simply forgot.

7 – You actually enjoy getting the chance to cook and clean.

8 – You forget what you have in storage

9 – You don’t remember what it’s like to have ice water.

10 – When your shower has cool water coming out instead of ice cold you yell “Honey, we’ve got hot water!”

11 – You cut your own hair, and sadly even when you visit home, you still cut your own hair.

12 – Two sugars in your coffee or tea isn’t near enough

13 – You have no idea who is hot on TV right now.

14 – Have a collection of SIM cards from all around the world and have no idea which country each is from so even when you do return, you can’t use it again, because you don’t know which is which!

15 – You look at your photographs and see that you are still wearing the same shirt from four years ago.

16 – Stay in your hotel room all day long to relax and watch T.V and feel no guilt about not taking in the sights or going to the beach!

17 – You write a travel blog post and realize that you wrote the exact same thing years. (We have since deleted that post:)

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