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Historic Bed & Breakfast in Yarmouth, NS

As you plan your next retreat, accommodations are one of the most important aspects to reserve. Consider our historic bed and breakfast in Yarmouth, NS, a building that has stood the test of time since 1864. We do everything we can to preserve the character of the property and take pride in our rich history. See for yourself why we have a reputation for providing comfortable and welcoming experiences.

Our motel has held a significant place in history since its construction. Guests from far and wide have visited our bed and breakfast for both business and pleasure. The biggest highlights of our mansion include its charm and legacy. Those who stay with us are attracted to the motels’ historical significance and architectural design.

The Lakelawn B&B and Motel is the longest surviving hotel in the area, holding its place in the long history of our community. Our historic bed and breakfast is one of the greatest gems in the area. There is no location better suited to accommodate your needs. Our pet-friendly rooms allow you to bring your furry friends with you on vacation.

A Historic Landmark for Travelers

The original building was constructed in 1864 to be the private residence for Dr. Lovett, and half a century later, it became a bed and breakfast. As more rooms were added to the facility, they became the motel segment of the business. When you consider our location and the variety of rooms that we provide, the choice for your next retreat is obvious.

Our Location Makes a Difference

Did you know there is no point in Nova Scotia more than 60 kilometres away from the ocean? When you stay with us at Lake Lawn, you will be able to explore Canada’s Ocean Playground to the fullest. We are walking distance from many local attractions our town has to offer.

Lake Milo Beach is a very popular swimming spot which happens to be directly across from the motel. Equipped with lifeguards on duty everyday, this makes for a fun and safe area for a family swim.

After an eventful day on the lake, you can head down to the Yarmouth lighthouse and enjoy a vibrant East Coast sunset, this is a great opportunity to set up a picnic and feel the ocean breeze.

Our town has many local restaurants to chose from that offer take-out style meals. Many of our restaurants specialize in the preparation of seafood, which makes a great meal to eat by the ocean.

Many Reasons to Visit Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Yarmouth, NS, is a wonderful part of our province. It is heaven on earth for those who visit and those who stay. So come in with an open mind and see what we see, live like we live, and experience the East Cost Canadian hospitality.

People come to Yarmouth for so many reasons and here are just a few.

  • The East Coast renders some of the best beaches and views in the country. Enjoying a sunset at one of our provincial parks is an amazing treat for travellers. With two popular beach locations in reasonable driving distance, you can enjoy the nature of being on the ocean for a day.
  • The popular ocean activities in our region includes whale watching, clam digging and hunting for sea glass or other small shell treasures to bring home. Fishing off our public wharfs is free and requires no license, bring your own gear and you will be set for the weekend!
  • The great food: this coastal community specializes in the preparation of seafood dishes. There are countless seafood restaurants in our region, including the famous rudders restaurant, where you can make reservations to enjoy a meal with your family and friends.

With endless hiking trails you will find yourself roaming the area freely. We encourage the use of the app Gaia GPS Hiking; Off-road Maps so you will not get lost!

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